11th World Environmental Education Congress
Building Bridges in Times of Climate Urgency
14-18 March 2022 PragueCZECH REPUBLIC
Side Events

Side Events

iREEC 2022: 2nd International Conference of International Researchers of the Education for Environmental Citizenship 2022

DATE: 12-13 March 2022

PLACE: Charles University - Prague

LINK: http://enec-cost.eu/ireec22/

The iREEC 2022 is an international conference in which original research papers, theoretical papers and reports from throughout the world dealing with the Education for Environmental Citizenship in all levels (pre-primary, primary, lower-secondary, upper-secondary, tertiary, higher education) and all settings-formalities (formal, non-formal, informal education) can be presented. The purpose of the iREEC 2022 is to contribute advance understanding of environmental and sustainability education through a focus on research works examining and promoting environmental citizenship through education. Multidisciplinary research and approaches combining environmental education, sustainability education, science education and citizenship education are also accepted.

TND6: Transnational Dialogues in Research in ECEfS

DATE: 13 March 2022

PLACE: Charles University - Prague

LINK: http://www.aaee.org.au/projects/tnd-in-research-in-early-childhood-efs/

The Transnational Dialogues (TND) in Research in ECEfS (Early Childhood Education for Sustainability) is a network of about 80 international researchers who have gathered four times over the past decade to collaborate, mentor and progress research in this emerging field. The primary purpose of the TND over the last decade has not changed - to build a strong connected community of researchers in ECEfS, and to build capacity for research in ECEfS from early career to those already research leaders. The TND has also focused on research output, as we recognize that, as academics, our institutions expect us to publish papers, submit applications for research grants, build our own research networks internationally, and serve our wider communities.



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