11th World Environmental Education Congress
Building Bridges in Times of Climate Urgency
14-18 March 2022 PragueCZECH REPUBLIC


Omicron wave and 2G+ policy


While the deadly Delta wave is over, we are experiencing the rise of the new Omicron wave. What impact will this have on the Congress? 

Based on the predictions of epidemiologists worldwide, this wave seems to be intensive but fast, with its peak predicted in the second half of January. The same pattern is expected in the Czech Republic. The Omicron should culminate here at the end of January and start declining in February. Based on this, the situation should improve by the middle of March. Covid will not disappear by that time, but you should be as safe in Prague as you would be at home at that time.

Regardless of this, we have adopted a few measures to react to the situation.

  • At first, we are keeping our 2G+ policy (participants must be vaccinated against Covid or have recovered from Covid in the last six months + TESTED) to make the Congress safe. We ask participants without vaccination or recent experience with Covid to choose the online mode of participation. 
  • All onsite participants will get full access to the virtual platform. The onsite registration is a safe form, allowing you to switch from one mode to the other without further administration.
  • For the registered onsite participants with accepted submissions who will eventually not be able to travel in Prague, we offer an opportunity to upload your recorded presentation to the virtual platform. As a result, we can guarantee your presentation becomes part of the Congress, and the other participants will get a chance to react to this and send you their comments.
  • For the online participants with accepted submission, we are about to schedule your live presentation to fit your time zone and theme. You will have a chance to see the draft of the schedule to be able to send us your comment if the scheduling does not work for you.

We hope that you will find your way to participate at the event – either onsite or online. We apologize for any delays in our communication – it is a demanding time, and we are trying to do our best. We very much appreciate your cooperation in making your registration in time or informing us about any changes on your side.

Wishing you safety and good health in this challenging time,

Your local organizing team

How does online participation look like?


The 11th WEEC, as the first in its history, applies the hybrid conference format. As a result, participants may choose between online and onsite participation. In light of the changing pandemic situation, participants may register either online or onsite and switch between these modes by the end of December 2021.


How does online participation look like?


As an online participant,

  • you can actively participate by submitting your presentation or participating without a presentation;
  • you can choose if to introduce your presentation in one of the virtual rooms in real-time and get immediate feedback or just to upload it on the virtual platform and discuss it on the discussion forum;
  • you will have access to the virtual platform with all of the ongoing online presentations and workshops, streamed onsite plenary sessions, and recorded all of the parallel (both online and onsite sessions);
  • you can discuss selected topics with all of the WEEC participants;
  • you can access the virtual platform up to one year after closing WEEC.


The online presentation is reasonable if you want to be a part of WEEC but cannot come to Prague. Let’s join us online!

Any questions about the online WEEC? Contact Jan, e-mail: cincera@mail.muni.cz

The submission & early bird registration deadlines extended


More than 300 submissions from more than 45 countries have already been submitted to the 11th World Environmental Education Congress (14-18 March 2022 in Prague)! The keynote speeches, cross-cutting dialogues, webinars, and panels form a basis for a rich and inspiring program.

At the same time, we know that many people still struggle with the uncertainty of the COVID situation in their countries and need more time planning. In light of this, we have decided to postpone the upcoming deadlines: early bird registration to October 1st and abstract submission to November 30th. We hope that more time makes congress more available for the world environmental and sustainability education community. We are looking forward to seeing you!

On behalf of the organizing team,

Jan Činčera

Register with confidence!


Not sure you will be able to travel abroad? The 11th WEEC may be the first opportunity to meet face to face with our community after two COVID years. As we believe, these are the face-to-face meetings that build future partnerships and give us energy for our work. However, while the situation in the Czech Republic has returned to normal, many parts of the world still struggle with the pandemic. We understand the uncertainty and hesitating: may I afford to register onsite? Could online participation be the safer choice?


In light of this, we allow an opportunity to flexibly change the form of registration from onsite to online (and vice versa) by the end of December 2021. What does it mean? If you are not sure about coming to Prague, you may still register for the onsite participation and submit one of the onsite forms of presentation now. In December 2021, you may change your registration from the onsite to online (or from online to onsite) form. This change could be done only one time and in the mentioned period. After this, you will automatically receive the surplus (for the change from onsite to online) or asked to pay the difference in the registration fee (for the change from online to onsite). All the prices will be calculated from the amount valid at the time of your first registration.


In addition, you can change the format of your presentation (oral presentation / Pecha Kucha / Poster) from the online to the onsite form (and vice versa) by the end of November 2021. After this date, this change will not be possible. However, you can still change the format of your participation by the date mentioned above (as a result, you can decide in December to arrive in Prague, but you will have your presentation online).

We hope this opportunity helps you in your decision. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to meeting you – either in Prague or at our virtual platform.

Your organizing team

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